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The perfect combination of the breed and the surroundings make it unique.

Respect for tradition and meticulous elaboration make the Iberian universe a thrilling field. An art that, the more you understand, the more you appreciate.

The breed.

The Mediterranean origin of the Iberian pig, its diet and the privileged conditions of the meadows mean that it has very special characteristics.

These animals with 100% Iberian lineage grow up in the wild and feed on herbs, mushrooms and acorns.

It differs from other species because of its sparse, dark or ebon coat, its thin cane legs and generally black hoof, its elongated snout and drooping ears. But what really makes it different is a unique physiological characteristic. Its muscles are entwined with “seams of fat”, granting unique organoleptic characteristics.

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The taste of a new type of food.

We look after them and indulge them from the moment they are born.

Many factors influence the end result of a good Iberian product. Each of our pigs has been nurtured from the moment they are born. After the rearing season, we feed them until they reach the appropriate weight.

That’s when they are put out to graze the pastures, where they enjoy a life of freedom, feeding on acorns, herbs, seeds…

Exercise in the open air of the sierra does the rest, giving their meat a perfect balance.

Our artisanal tradition.

Tradition and modernity during the entire elaboration process.

Selected one by one. The curing process begins with the salting; this is when hams and shoulders are piled together between layers of coarse sea salt. They are then washed and lemon is applied before moving on to the natural drying rooms.

Once the drying and conservation is complete, the maturing process is concluded in our cellars in Jabugo. Taking the utmost care with every detail in the process is key to our quality.

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The art of cutting.

The careful cutting of a piece brings with it appreciation of the full range of aromas and flavours, making its tasting a whole new experience.

To make the absolute most of an excellent 959 ham or shoulder, the piece must be cut in a traditional way, with a knife, and presented properly. Mastering the cutting is an art that simply requires a little patience and practise.

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