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At 959, we've hung on to our legendary beginnings and the know-how of the Ham Artisans to offer you the best of the Iberian world.

They say that nature is wise. It’s true, that’s why we’ve always been open to learning from her. And she has taught us that the making of any exceptional creation is influenced by unique conditions. Our ham is no exception. The magical surroundings of the Sierra de Huelva meadows, the purity of the breed of its pigs and a traditional and artisan production result in an Iberian product of unmatched quality.


The veins´s secret.

No one knows the pasture and its secrets better than the swineherd.

Only a swineherd who knows the pasture and its secrets manages to ensure the well-being of our pigs so that, in addition to eating well, they do exercise. Combination of a natural diet, movement in an idyllic environment and the purity of the breed, contributes to the formation of muscles with the perfect ratio of meat and fat. This is how the unique veined that differentiates our Iberian ham is formed.


ONLY, a unique ham.

Only such a ham is the protagonist of our gastronomy.

Iberian pig is born and raised in our lands, a true gift of nature that we venerate, safeguard and care for. And from which every year we carefully select the best pigs that preserve the purity and singularity of the breed to get our 959 100% acorn-fed Iberian ham.


ONLY, the Sierra de Huelva and its

Centuries of tradition in the Sierra de Huelva.

In the cradle of the Iberian lies the legend, tradition and ritual of the best Iberian ham in the world. Altitude and its microclimate allow our hams to heal at the rhythm of the seasons, slowly and naturally. Our centenary wineries, habited by a characteristic vegetation of the place, are a guarantee of the aroma and flavor of ham 959.


ONLY, acorns from cork oaks, holm oaks, gall oaks and the pastures.

The taste of these acorns in the "montanera", the fattening period, create a piece that's unique and of the highest quality.

In our Andalusian meadows with holm oaks, cork oaks and gall oaks, in the Sierra de Huelva, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, for hundreds of years… from autumn to spring, the best pigs in the world enjoy the “montanera”, the fattening period, taking delight in the acorns that they select for themselves.

ONLY, cured and matured in natural cellars.

Dedication and the pursuit of perfection passed down from parents to offspring.

Behind each of our hams lies a true heritage of dedication and the pursuit of perfection passed down from parents to offspring, the best inheritance possible, for generations. A precious legacy of tradition and respect for the 100% Iberian pig.

Our Ham Artisan is the testimony of the Iberian ham culture passed down through the ages, controlling each part of the process, adding their unique touch to each piece.

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Protagonist in the world.

Only a ham like this one could be the star of our gastronomy.

959 is delighted to offer exclusive reserves with the best 100% acorn-fed Iberian hams and products from all over the world. Due to their incomparable excellence and quality, its products of renowned prestige have become authentic ambassadors of the brand on the national and international scene.

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