Welcome to 959: the world of the most select ham.

In a singular Paradise. An authentic breed. Raised in the wild.

our story.

The wisdom of nature and years of history have forged a culture full of rituals and secrets.

They say that nature is wise, and that’s why we’ve always been open to learning from her, she has taught us that the making of any exceptional creation is influenced by unique conditions.

Discover 959

The Ham Artisans.

The art of a Ham Artisan Francisco Javier Fernández Flores.

It’s not only the art of selecting the perfect piece. My father always told me you can tell a good artisan by their ability to distinguish between an excellent ham and one that’s perfect.

And that’s precisely what I’ve learned to do: to be relentless in my search for the highest quality, to make sure this wonderful ham revels in the glory it deserves.

You'll see why I'm exquisite.

A unique paradise, an authentic breed, a free upbringing, tradition, care and dedication result in an unparalleled creation.

Respect for tradition and meticulous elaboration make the Iberian universe a thrilling field. An art that, the more you understand, the more you appreciate.