ONLY, 100% Iberian acorn-fed shoulder.


Flavours and aromas that make our 100% Iberian shoulder a top-quality product.

Just like the 959 ham, the raw material comes from 100% Iberian pigs fed exclusively on acorns during the “montanera”, the fattening period.

Cured naturally for over 24 months to achieve the variety of aromas and flavours that characterise it as a top-quality product. Available only at prestigious butcher’s, fine dining establishments and delicatessens. An exquisite mixture of unique aromas and flavours that make it an authentic delight for the senses. Available in whole pieces, boned and sliced.

tasting note.

Characteristics that make it unique for the palate.

Interior appearance. Bright and flowing fat. Colour: its tones range from pink to burgundy. At room temperature, because of its high intramuscular fat index, it takes on an incomparable shine.

Taste. The nasal aromas are confirmed on the palate, now more intense. The aftertaste is delicate and persistent.

Aroma. On the nose, due to its own character and personality, it has no need to adhere to any reference smell. It exudes unmistakable fragrances, a symbol of its magnificent curing process.

Texture. Smooth and soft texture.


Accompany it with red wines from Toro, Montsant and Burgundy, as well as with the greatest cavas. Not to forget its exquisite pairing with dry wines from Jerez and Montilla, as well as aged white wines made with the Chardonnay grape.